Famous 16 week
transformation course
My name is Oleg Zingilevsky, a.k.a. Big Z. I run a project known as Physical Transformation. At the moment, more than 25 thousand participants have finished it successfully. It converts to about almost five years of activity and the results are most certainly better than in every other similar project. Thousands of reviews and “before-after” photo comparisons may be found either in the @pro_fizikl Instagram account. All the photos and followers are real, no bots are present. The project consists of everything I preach and practice: Physical is built solely on scientific data that we very efficiently put into practice.
Now let’s talk about professional achievements: Menno Henselmans certified Personal Trainer (Netherlands) and а graduate of Mac-Nutrition University (Martin McDonald, UK). I have also studied other shorter but very deep courses by Ben Cant, James Krieger, Alex Viada, Luke Leaman, John Jewett — some of them I have already finished, while others are in progress at the moment. While for some people listed names don't ring a bell, others will probably appreciate it a lot. For me these courses are precious, those who get it will understand.
About Physical Transformation by Zingilevsky
  • The Season is fully online. We will be interacting every day for 16 weeks straight. The program offers group resources as well as personal assistance.
  • The project is built around nutrition. The goal is either cutting or bulking. There’s also another option - reverse diet, a specific tool that is needed by a very few people. If we consider it necessary for you, we’ll offer ourselves.
  • Each participant has either his own sport (gym, crossfit, football, dancing, ping-pong, MMA, boxing, martial arts, kitchen fencing, lifting grocery bags up to your flat on the 3rd floor - I don’t care), or he follows our training programs (for gym or home/outdoors workouts), that we offer during the Season. Or you can participate without any sport. But it’s always better with it, because this way you’ll get athletic, not just thin instead of fat.
  • There’s another option as well: Physical Training - individualized training program. It’s all about the gym and it’s most effective use. You’ll hear about the enrollment during the Season for sure.
  • To get started you’ll need: FatSecret or MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone, kitchen scale, floor scale, measuring tape.
  • The approach is personal. You’ll get your own private chat with your mentor, where you’ll have to post your reports every day (no exceptions). Every day (except for weekends) we accept and check them. Once a week we check your weight and measurements, watch your progress and make adjustments.
Results of our participants
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